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Tarmac Cleaning & Sealing

Tarmac Cleaning & Sealing

In addition to cleaning and coating roofs in Northern Ireland, we are often asked by our customers to clean and seal Tarmac and Imprint Concrete. We are happy to provide Free no obligation quotations for Tarmac Cleaning and Imprint Concrete Cleaning and Sealing throughout the province. 

We receive many enquiries for Tarmac Cleaning and Sealing from homeowners up and down the country. Tarmac is difficult to keep clean because moss growth and is very likely to attract the growth of weeds over time. Homeowners in Northern Ireland are often looking for a reputable company that can professionally clean and seal their Tarmac Drives and other external Surfaces. Our methods of cleaning combined with specialist industrial powered equipment and environmentally friendly products can quickly clean most tarmac surfaces. With our help, we can Restore Tarmac, protect them and make them look like new again. 

We start by sweeping away any loose stones, then clean the surface by pressure washing. The surface is then pre-treated with fungicide wash to inhibit moss or algae growth. Repairs to any cracks or pot holes are carried out and then finished by applying Pro Thermilate (black) Restorer and Reviver to bring the surface back to new. 

After cleaning tarmac surfaces, we would always recommend having it sealed with our high quality tarmac sealer. The tarmac sealer will help restore lost colour, replace lost resin and increase life span of tarmac. The sealer will also protect the driveway from oil stains and other forms of surface degradation and protect your surface for up to 4-5 years. 

We can also clean and seal imprinted concrete, natural stone and tarmac driveways and patios. We have lots of satisfied customers in many towns across Northern Ireland and in other towns across the province. 

If you have a driveway or patio that needs cleaning and sealing please call 028 9262 2776 or complete our online enquiry form if you would like to send a written enquiry. 

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