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Soft Wash

Soft Wash Cleaning

Sustainable Way To A Clean Property Safely And Effectively. 

Softwash is an non-aggressive high purity biocide, suitable for cleaning roofs and walls. Specialists equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safely on surfaces to be cleaned. It is alternative to using high powered pressure washers. It has been adapted to suit weather condictions prevailing in the UK and Ireland. 

In the fullness of time roof tiles are colonised by moss, lichen and host of other species. It is harmful to the material and appears poorly maintained. The mix of species is called "biofilm". 

Preparing Roofs For Treatment

We start by removing the excess growth, the bulky material is dry brushed and scraped off using simple tools and brushing equipment. This is done by our trained roofer, pacing the roof itself. The gutter outlets are protected against blockages beforehand. Tarpaulin is laid to receive the falling debris. The small moss fibres left will disperse with the chemical and fall off natually. 

The Treatment 

The fungicide wash treatment is sprayed onto the roof or walls from the softwash system and spraybox. The spraybox will mix the concentrate on demand, to the correct concentration. The pressure flow rate of the system is designed to apply the treatment evenly and easily upon the surface. The active ingredient can leave a discolouration at point of contact with plant leaves and flowers. Early rinsing has good results however some protection may be needed. Grass, if effected will recover rapidly. 

Cleaning Render

Green and red algae will die within miniutes of application. If the algal film is thick enough, a milky sheen will replace it for a short period, before dispersing in the wind. The orange pigment originating from the red algae Trentepholia may dwell in the surface porosity, but being water soluble will wash away with the rain. The chemical treatment is a reactive chemical working and reacting with wind and rain and can take 3-6 months before you see the complete results. 

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