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Roof Cleaning and Sealing

Sealant Benefits

Sealant Benefits Include:

 - Protects against loss of colour from UV light

- Water repllency, breathable, super-hydrophobic

- Self cleaning like lotus leaf

- Solidifies jointing sand, inhibiting weed growth and loss of sand from joints

- Waterproofs paving, restricting surface growth of algae's and lichens

- Oil resistant

- Enhances natural colours

- Increased lifespan and durability

- Easier Maintenance

Untreated Surface Problems Include:

- Roof tile damage

- Dampness 

- Loss of colour

- Weeds in joints

- Oil stains

- Moss, algae and lichen growth

Did you know that ThermilateRenotec and ProPerla Roof Coating is the only “Roof Coating and Roof Sealant in the UK”  that has passed all 4 tests by The Paint Research Association and is passed by the highest standard of both European and UKAS cartification building standards. 

Don't just take our word for it, have a look for yourself.

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